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Welcome to Dolphin Diving Center!

Καταδυτικό κέντρο και σχολή κατάδυσης.


We are a fully functioning and licenced PADI dive resort ready to train you whether you want to try for the first time or learn to teach diving. Each summer over 100 people come to try diving with us for the very first time on the Discover Scuba Diving Program. You can see a video of just what to expect by clicking Kalamitsi and then Videos. You will receive an overview of diving, the equipment and how to basically use it. Then we will take you into the water and begin to introduce you to breathing through scuba for the first time and then you will experience the feeling of gliding through the crystal clear underwater world of Kalamitsi! In addition many chose to go on to get their first diving certificate, Open Water Diver, OWD or 1st star. It gives you a licence to dive upto 18 meters all over the world and covers all the basics such as how to control yourself in the water, safety procedures and how to use the equipment. It usually lasts 5 days and you will need to give us about 3 hours of your time each day as well as read the manual and watch the associated videos and do a theory test. You graduate at the moment that we take you to 18 meters, perhaps at our local 100 year old Turkish ship wreck!

The second certificate (Advanced Open Water - AOWD or 2nd star) builds on the knowledge you gained in the OWD course and certifies you to dive at 30 meters. The course includes the core elements of Deep Diving, Navigation and Night Diving. You require another 2 adventure dives to complete the course and we usually include the Perfect Bouyency and Serach and Recovery dives. Having completed this course you may go on with us to dive the deeper dives upto 40 meters if your skills are up to it. Further courses that you may do with us are Emergency First Response (EFR), Rescue Diver and Dive Master. To get your Dive Master you will need to spend at least a month working with us at our center to learn how to run and mange EVERYTHING! You will be busy all day filling bottles, giving birefings, fitting customers with appropriate equipment and leading dives until you grow gills, but you'll have the time of your life!

Porto Kalamitsi apartments

Κάντε την διαμονή σας στο Καλαμίτσι ευχάριστη και απολαυστική!!!!

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